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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

>I'm collecting names of those who have either emailled me or mentioned
>interest in seeing Debian a little easier on the novice user (but without
>getting annoying to the experienced user!) and will be in the next day or
>two trying to see if maybe we can get some projects organized to make
>and Linux in general a little more friendly.  The net result is that the
>above games dist and my mini-show-off-the-power-of-linux dist will be
>possible.  Just build base-files and floppies.  The rest is already in

>I don't think many people mind a few unofficial debian dists that meet
>Debian doesn't quite fill.  Of course, with such a diverse group, I'm
>probably wrong, but I'll take my chances this time.  =>

YES!!  I think maybe this is what Bruce should have been thinking.

I also will plug again for an Amateur Radio specific distribution. (IE:
AX2.5, RTTY, SSTV, log, contest, CAD S/W etc).  And yes when I come up to
speed on my own debian system (I'm going to install GTK / GHOME / GIMP and
see about porting my MFC knowledge to X) I'll try to write some of this

PS my home email is ken.janis.scharf@worldnet.att.net

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