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dpkg-http and proxy cache

i have squid cache
i have dpkg-http

there was a time, when it worked. i could do [U]pdate in dselect, and he
used the version of Packages.gz in the Cache.
i can check that he uses the cache, because if i stop the cache, he fails.
i can check, that the cache caches the file with Netscape.

but i do not know, why dpkg-http doesn't take the cached version !

this is my /var/lib/dpkg/methods/http/vars:

+++++++++++++++++ SNIP
$ENV{ftp_proxy} = 'http://localhost:3128/';
$proxy_ftp = 1;
$ENV{http_proxy} = 'http://localhost:3128/';
@site = ( 'ftp://ftp.de.debian.org/pub/debian/', 'ftp://nonus.debian.org/pub/debian-non-US/' );
$distribs{'ftp://ftp.de.debian.org/pub/debian/'}="dists/hamm/main/binary-i386 dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386 dists/hamm/contrib/binary-i386";
$use_authorization_basic = 0;
$auth_user = "";
$auth_passwd = "";
$dldir = "debian";
+++++++++++++++++ SNAP

dpkg-http       0.14  

my system is quite updated hamm 2.0 with i386


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