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Re: RSync

Andrew Tridgell <tridge@samba.anu.edu.au> writes:

> I'll be releasing a "anonymous rsync" package soon that you guys might
> like.

Wonderful, this might obviate my need for mirror in many cases.

One thing though, is there any chance you might consider a pair of new
options: --regex-include and --regex-exclude.  It shouldn't be too
difficult using one of the new regex libraries (pcre comes to mind).

If you are interested in adding this, it would be nice if the
expressions were defined as working on full-paths, and the semantics
of include/exclude were similar to fmirror.  In fmirror you imagine
starting with a full list of all the files on the server side, and you
specify a sequence of inclusions and exclusions that modifies this
list to come up with a final sync list.  It's set up so that any given
regex statement superceeds any subsequent statement (include or
exclude) that matches the same file.  So

  --regex-include "bar.*"
  --regex-exclude "barbell.*"

would not in fact prune files starting with barbell.  This is useful
for things like (if synching ftp.debian.org:/pub/debian/):

  # all the dists except stable
  --regex-exclude "^dists/stable/.*"

  # Have to specify hamm manually here because it's not in dists where
  # it should be...
  --regex-include ".*(dists|hamm)/.*/binary-i386/.*"
  --regex-include ".*(dists|hamm)/.*/binary-all/.*"

  # To make sure we get all the symlinks in dist/ 
  --regex-include "^dists/[^/]*$"

  # now kill everything remaining.
  --regex-exclude ".*"

Support for fmirror's "p" and "f" regex distinctions would also save a
lot of ".*" typing, but that's mostly just a frill...


Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
PGP fingerprint = E8 0E 0D 04 F5 21 A0 94  53 2B 97 F5 D6 4E 39 30

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