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Re: RSync

[List people, please do not CC: Andrew, I'm cc'ing this to the list to
follow up on the thread I started earlier.]

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> > We at Debian have been using rsync to mirror our ftp and web archives and
> > unfortunately in our case rsync uses a massive amount of memory. Over 20
> > meg on both sides of the connection is not uncommon.
> This was fixed a few weeks back. Try version 1.7.4. Memory consumption
> should be down by a factor of 10 or so for large archives.

Seems to be working much better. I just installed it on our main servers,
the client gets,

treacy   29488  4.4  5.2  3768  3320  p5 S    20:32   0:15 rsync -avz
treacy   29511  7.9  9.8  6660  6164  p5 S    20:33   0:23 rsync -avz

And the server gets,

treacy   15724  9.7  6.5  5512  4132  ?  S    22:32   0:33 rsync --server

Which is much nicer I think, I'll see how the other archive does later on. 
Do I need to get the clients to upgrade to the newest version to get the
reduced memory usage on the server? 

BTW, I don't know if you have heard the story, but rsync is one of the few
programs that is capable of mirroring our Bug pages, the perl stuff just
chokes! The Bug archive has -alot- of small text files.


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