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Coming to closure on ae...

I am very close to having all of the ae problems solved, thanks to Jim
Minta for both taking over the slang package and for the fine suggestions
and patches that he has supplied for ae.

I'm down to the xterm .rc file problem, and I have an idea that I thought
I would toss out for discusion.

There doesn't seem to be a "reliable" method for determining whether or
not you are in an xterm. Any method so far suggested has "natural"
configuration situations that break the method.

This leaves me with one solution that is only bearly functional.

I would like to provide wrapper scripts (or symlinks...I haven't decided
yet) that will run ae with the correct .rc file. So, if you are in an
xterm, instead of calling for ae, you would execute xae instead. (Note
that there would be an xvi .rc file for running the vi mode of ae in an

The reason I feel compelled to ask is that I will be creating two new
names: xvi and xae. 

The other difficulty with this scheme is that it is not automatic, so the
user will need to be informed of the issue. I guess I could put a note in
the help screen of ae to let folks know.


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