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Re: Intent to package pine-src

> > Sure it does.  You put the dependencies on the Depends: line of the
> > control file.

James Troup <J.J.Troup@scm.brad.ac.uk> wrote:
> You can do that in the .dsc file too, but it suffers from the same
> problem, i.e. what to do with source dependencies like svgalibg1-dev,
> which are arch-specific when .dsc files (or source debs, whatever) are
> arch-independent.

Sure: we do need to fix our source packaging system.  I don't
agree with that very strongly.

But until it's fixed, I don't object to our coping with some of our
stronger needs for source packages (for example: pcmcia-source,
which apparently must be compiled against a specific instance of
kernel-source) to be packaged in .deb format.

More specifically, I don't think that late in the frozen stage is the
right time to introduce a new package format requirement for hamm.


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