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Re: A few questions

Raul Miller wrote:

> Stephen Carpenter <sjc@delphi.com> wrote:
> > now if we only had a featherball....
> This kinda defeats one of the advantages of distributing diffs... unless
> we also want to distribute an exploded version of the ar (or if we
> could somehow get the ftp server to let you "cd" into an ar archive).

I am not sure that I understnad what you mean?hwat defeats the purpose? (the
featherball was a joke by the way...
sort of a play on "tarball"..."featherball"...tar & feather...)
I was merely answering his question about what "tarball" means
Unless...do you mean teh SRPMS defeat the purpose of diffs?
well thats true...they do ...(at least the purpose of saving bandwidth they
do..they still let you have pristine source which is an advantage)
but I wasn't suggesting we use SRPMs....they are used by RedHat and RPM
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(BTW Thanx allot Noah for pointing out why putting my pgp key here was
a bad idea...now I hafta find a new funny quote or something for here)
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