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A few questions

A few questions from a possible future contributor (so please turn down the
flame throwers as I mean well)

I've seen the term mentioned here many times, I've looked in the docs but
can't find the meaning (so it must be slang). What is a tarball?

On the thread of .deb vs .rpm.... From Maximum RPM I see that rpm will
actually build the package from original sources ie: apply patches to the
source, then build from your makefile the binaries, and make the .rpm
package file.  I get the idea that dpkg should do the same, right?  (Or is
it not quite as automated?)  Sorry but Redhat's book is better written than
dpkg documentation.  Maybe that's why Bruce wanted to use rpm?

Other than one is free and the other is not quite... what are the tradeoffs
between Qt and Gtk?  (I'm slightly leaning toward Gtk right now).


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