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Re: Intent to package pine-src

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> Retrieval of source from archives is usually done "by hand" but any such
> bulk retrieval should be easy to manage with a script. I take the lack of
> a script to indicate the current relative lack of need. Anyone is welcome
> to prove me wrong by writing such a script ;-)

Actually there is such a script and it is indeed trivial, nothing more
than a couple of lines of shell script.  Lars Wirzenius's excellent
dbuild does it (among other things):


Not really wanting to get involved in this discussion, but since I'm
here anyway... I've seen some scary references to people wanting
RPM-style single tar balls for source.  Umm, please, good God, no.
That would suck most hard, and I and any of the people who maintain
multi-megabyte source packages (I'm thinking, X, *Emacs*, gcc,
binutils etc.) over a 28.8 would scream bloody murder.  Please think
very hard about the benefits of our current system before advocating a
replacement for it.


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