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Re: Intent to package pine-src

On Thu, Apr 30, 1998 at 02:16:12PM -0400, Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> hmm would it satisfy things to make a binary dist of the original files
> and of the debainized files...and litterally have it unpack the "real"
> pine and then run patch on it with a diff made agains t the debianized
> binaries? (I dunno that patch will do binaries...but you get the idea
> anyway...)

The postinst for the .deb will compile the source, install the .deb, and
clean up after itself if you so desire for a -src package...

> yes yes...that idea is sick and twisted..and probably not ok either but...
> it was an idea...and besides...I kind of enjoy being sick and twisted
> ocasionally

There's an AWFUL LOT to patch...

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