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Re: Virtual Package: ftp-server | ftpd

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 12:36:09AM -0600, somebody wrote
: : Imagine a package ``internet server'' or a pre-selection called
: : ``internet server'', depending on:
: :     httpd, ftpd, ... 
: Ok.  That almost makes sense.  On the other hand, since the stock networking
: stuff provides a functional ftpd, it's not clear to me that you need that
: dependency.  If someone knows enough to know they want an alternative ftpd,
: they can select or install it as an individual package easily enough.  If they
: don't know that they want an alternative, presenting them with the full array
: of options contradicts the purpose (simplicity) of having a pre-selection, I 
: think.

Hm, your point ;-)

: : : : Additional I'd like to establish the ``alternatives'' mechanism for
: : Not many cases, but I don't like to make the different ftpd packages
: : conflicting.  I can imagine a setup where one ftp daemon is used for
: : ordinary public file services while an other daeamon is tested/used on an
: : private port or probably on a different IP ...
: That seems mighty unlikely, and I still don't see the value in using the
: alternatives mechanism here.  

Unlikely (even mighty) doesn't mean impossible.

: making it possible for any server that can meet the need to provide the
: virtual package makes sense.  If the best you can think of as a reason to do
: this for ftpd is to satisfy pre-selection bundling, then I'm not convinced
: yet.

Ok, so we don't create a virtual ftpd package.  But I insist on using
the alternatives mechanism, unless you or somebody else can convince me

BTW: the wu-ftpd-academ package is out and uses the alternatives

As it seems, this discussion doesn't get too much interest ...

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