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Re: intent to package Netscape Communicator

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Brian White wrote:

> > I intend to package the new communicator that allow free redistribution.  It
> > will go into non-free(no source), but at least the users won't have to
> > download the tarball themselves.
> That would be great!  I posted a couple weeks ago asking for someone to
> help with this because I don't have the time for it.
> I'd like to coordinate so we can use the same wrapper scripts, plugins, etc.

You read my mind!

I am working on a 'super' source package.  Here is an example source tree.

|-- libc6
|   |-- communicator.tar.gz
|   `-- navigator.tar.gz
|-- libc5
|   |-- communicator.tar.gz
|   `-- navigator.tar.gz
`-- debian
    | rules
    | .. etc ..
    |-- netscape-browser-base/
    |-- communicator-libc5-smotif/
    |-- communicator-libc6-smotif/
    |-- communicator-libc5-dmotif/
    |-- communicator-libc6-dmotif/
    |-- navigator-libc5-smotif/
    |-- navigator-libc6-smotif/
    |-- navigator-libc5-dmotif/
    |-- navigator-libc6-dmotif/
    |-- netscape-java/
    |-- netscape-installer/
    |-- communicator-nethelp/
    |-- navigator-nethelp/
    `-- movemail/

I have already looked at and compared the java portions of the tarballs, and 
the .jar files are the same.  I am just trying to think how I would want them
placed in the fs.  I am leaning toward /usr/lib/netscape/java

I have already scrapped the ns-install file, and written my own, so that I
don't have to do any moving of files in debian/rules.  I call it as:
'my-install -t <target> -p <pkg> -p <pkg> -p <pkg> ...'  Pkg can also be

Also, another point I am worried about.  Included in the tarballs are hooks
into an automated software update mechanism.  I have that disabled, as that
would not fit well with the debian way of maintaining things.  Anyone else
have ideas on this?


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