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Re: intent to package Netscape Communicator

> > > I intend to package the new communicator that allow free redistribution.  It
> > > will go into non-free(no source), but at least the users won't have to
> > > download the tarball themselves.
> >
> > That would be great!  I posted a couple weeks ago asking for someone to
> > help with this because I don't have the time for it.
> >
> > I'd like to coordinate so we can use the same wrapper scripts, plugins, etc.
> You read my mind!
> I am working on a 'super' source package.  Here is an example source tree.

I just uploaded new versions of the netscape3 and netscape4 installers.
They fix all the known bugs.  Note that these installers work quite
differently from each other, though that is mostly in the {pre,post}{inst,rm}
scripts.  They do have some identical files.

Another thing to note...  Dpkg won't let you build part of a package or
assign different version numbers to different .deb files created from
the same source.  (At least, I've never been able to get it to do so.)

> netscape-browser
> |-- libc6
> |   |-- communicator.tar.gz
> |   `-- navigator.tar.gz
> |-- libc5
> |   |-- communicator.tar.gz
> |   `-- navigator.tar.gz
> `-- debian
>     | rules
>     | .. etc ..
>     |-- netscape-browser-base/
>     |-- communicator-libc5-smotif/
>     |-- communicator-libc6-smotif/
>     |-- communicator-libc5-dmotif/
>     |-- communicator-libc6-dmotif/
>     |-- navigator-libc5-smotif/
>     |-- navigator-libc6-smotif/
>     |-- navigator-libc5-dmotif/
>     |-- navigator-libc6-dmotif/
>     |-- netscape-java/
>     |-- netscape-installer/
>     |-- communicator-nethelp/
>     |-- navigator-nethelp/
>     `-- movemail/
> I have already looked at and compared the java portions of the tarballs, and
> the .jar files are the same.  I am just trying to think how I would want them
> placed in the fs.  I am leaning toward /usr/lib/netscape/java

Are you looking to be able to install multiple versions of netscape or
just one at a time?  I considered the former when I build the netscape4
package, but decided it was for more trouble than it was worth.

> I have already scrapped the ns-install file, and written my own, so that I
> don't have to do any moving of files in debian/rules.  I call it as:
> 'my-install -t <target> -p <pkg> -p <pkg> -p <pkg> ...'  Pkg can also be
> 'all.'

The ns-install is nice for the installer script, but not so good for building
packages since you don't know where it stores the debian/tmp/... paths in
its files.

> Also, another point I am worried about.  Included in the tarballs are hooks
> into an automated software update mechanism.  I have that disabled, as that
> would not fit well with the debian way of maintaining things.  Anyone else
> have ideas on this?

You mean it will download/install new versions automatically?  It's a nice
feature and okay if it only updates existing files.  If it creates new files,
though, I'd just leave it disabled.

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