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Re: package pre-selections tool

James R. Van Zandt writes:
 > >I guess you don't count the "router/firewall" as being part of "all
 > >the above".  I'd suggest it would be put below "standard" (in a
 > >"specific setups" section ?), as it is confusing as such.
 > Actually I did think that the "router/firewall" packages would be a
 > subset of "workstation" packages.  However, I am no expert in
 > firewalls, and am not surprised to learn different.

I'm no expert either, so this only reflects my own expectations.  I
just think that a firewall is only useful to do the interface between
a local net and the Wild World of the Internet.  I know even less
about routers, but I assume they just act as an interface between
several networks as well - anyway, there is a kernel option "optimize
as router, not host" that's sufficient to tell not every machine is a
router.  Same regarding all firewalling options in the kernel.

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