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Re: package pre-selections tool

Yann -

>James R. Van Zandt writes:
> > ( ) minimal                                                           40 MB
> > ( ) router/firewall                                                   70 MB
> > ( ) server (ftp, nfs, smb, and http servers)                          90 MB
> > ( ) workstation (all the above, plus X11 server, emacs, and TeX)     160 MB
> > (*) standard (all the above plus X11 clients and C/C++ development)  250 MB
> > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>I guess you don't count the "router/firewall" as being part of "all
>the above".  I'd suggest it would be put below "standard" (in a
>"specific setups" section ?), as it is confusing as such.

Actually I did think that the "router/firewall" packages would be a
subset of "workstation" packages.  However, I am no expert in
firewalls, and am not surprised to learn different.

                    - Jim Van Zandt

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