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Re: X statement

> Although it may be able to claim several million users, the net
> contribution to the development of the X Window System, as embodied by
> specs, protocols or cash is a flat zero.  No contributed specs, no

Uhh, how about *code*?  Things like "zlib font compression" did *not*
come from the X consortium or the Open Group (in fact, they came from
me :-) but lots of other *significant* contributions came from the
net, and from the XFree development team (I'm *sure* that the XFree
team contributed more code than the Open Group did :-)

What we're really seeing here is that The Open Group has never had a
viable funding model, and is just taking longer to disintegrate than
usual for such a group.  (Recall that most of the engineers there got
laid off over a year ago...)

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