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Re: install-mime is repetitive

On Sun, Apr 05, 1998 at 04:44:13PM -0400, Steve Dunham wrote:

> I would feel a lot better about 2.0 if the install-mime issue were
> resolved.  Does anyone have any good ideas on how to improve this?
> (This issue is that the install-mime dialog is very confusing and
> annoying.)

I assume the main "install-mime issue" is, for example, the number of @#$@#!
times it asks whether imagemagick is more important than xv, once for each
and every file type.

In that example, how about this:  if imagemagick and xv are both _already_
listed for _any_ other file type, copy the same priority settings
to the new file type as well.

It should be right to do this the vast majority of the time.  The first time
I add 'xv' to the list using install-mime is probably when I'm installing
the 'xv' package; all the subsequent times will probably be during the same
installation.  It makes sense to keep using the same priorities in that

Sure, this default value might not be ideal for everyone, but anyone who
really cares can always just rearrange /etc/mailcap themselves.  It's not
important enough to keep asking about during package installation.

Now, who's the perl guru who's going to implement it?


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