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Re: package pre-selections tool

On Sun, Apr 05, 1998 at 02:37:48PM -0700, Guy Maor wrote:
> Steve Dunham <dunham@cps.msu.edu> writes:
> > I would feel a lot better about 2.0 if the install-mime issue were
> > resolved.  Does anyone have any good ideas on how to improve this?
> Have priorities, similiar to alternatives.  We can decide on
> appropriate priorities.  We'll just pick appropriate defaults and not
> bother the user.  install-mime will parse a config file that can
> override the default priorities if a user doesn't like the priorities
> that we've chosen.
> Guy

For 2.0, just remove the asking code and select a default. The config
file already has place for user override (see /etc/mailcap). After that,
we can work on a great GUI (what a buzz word this GUI) tool for configuring
mailcap himself.

I don't know much about dictionnary but this can also be done, or maybe
a mecanism similar to the window manager are better? Good documentation
and the great support given by the debian groups are often better than
letting the user decided quickly if 1 is greater than 3...

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