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Re: Constitution - formal proposal (v0.5.1)

gibreel@pobox.com (Stephen Zander)  wrote on 03.04.98 in <87btui84bu.fsf@wsuse5.mckesson.com>:

> >>>>> "James" == James A Treacy <treacy@debian.org> writes:
>     James> Requiring 3:1 majority to ratify a constitutional amendment
>     James> is very common.
> And I support it (the reason for my me-too post).  But 3:1 is 75%
> not 66% :)

German constitution: 66%.

And it's damn hard to do, because the opposition usually has about half  
the votes, and the small parties are usually on the extreme sides of the  
question (so you don't get to rope in opposing small parties).

OTOH, in a less party-bound system, 66% may be easier to achieve.

MfG Kai

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