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Intent to package asclock

Afterstep's maintainer (Jon Nelson) and I (wmaker maintainer) 
have come to the conclusion an asclock package is needed.
Currently afterstep 1.4-6 and wmaker 0.14.1-1 provide a copy of
the asclock binary, and wmaker diverts afterstep's copy, so
there's no problem, afterstep and wmaker can coexist peacefully. 

The planned package would conflict with the hamm-released
versions of afterstep and wmaker, that means (<= 1.4-6) and (<=
0.14.1-1), respectively. Since it'd be a new package, it has to
go into slink, and to avoid forking an slink version of afterstep
and wmaker, asclock won't be available until hamm is becomes the
new stable version. After that, asclock package would be released
and conflict with the appropiate versions of as and wm on hamm.
The as and wm versions on slink won't have a copy of asclock.

If you object, please step forward and say so.

					Marcelo Magallon

PS: Did I make a big mess or what? English Grammar 101 for me... ;-)

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