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Re: Hamm frozen, Slink created

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Jules Bean wrote:
> > I suggest we stick a working DOS FTP client in tools.
> One for each network stack out there? And instruct them how to install network
> stacks, packet drivers, etc.? Just tell people to use a proper FTP (the FTP
> from Win95 seems to work fine).
This doesn't address the problem of the symlinks on a CD.

The msdos directory is intended to be copied onto a dos partition, using
dos tools, but because of the symlinks, it just doesn't work. This makes
the msdos directory on a CD totally worthless.

I built my last custom CDs with the symlinks replace by hardlinks (thanks
to a script from Guy, which now lives in bit heaven). This made the CD
useful on a dos machine, but when you try to copy the whole CD into a
Linux directory, the hardlinked files come over as copies of the file
instead of links. (I think this is because the node number of the hardlink
doesn't match the node number of the copy of the "linked to" file)

I probably will not do this again in the future, simply because it is very
hard to impliment (converting symlinks to hard links) and it serves a very
limited audience.

For those same reasons we probably aught not to worry to much about the
situation in the archives.


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