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Re: ppp and new users

John Lines writes:
> ...do a reverse lookup on your own IP address). The root nameserver will
> return the IP address of your ISPs nameserver and tell your nameserver to
> ask there, which it will - and then remember that nameserver in its set
> of known nameservers.

> ...

> If you ask the the IP address of, say www.debian.org you will be given IP
> address of a nameserver for the top level org domain, which will tell you
> the IP address of the nameservers for the debian.org domain, and you will
> remember to query them for www.debian.org, ftp.debian.org etc.

Or ask for the IP address of one your ISP's servers.

> All the above is without a fowarders directive.

Two ways to avoid munging files when dialing up a different ISP.  But now
you've got me querying the root nameserver every time I dial in, just to
ask for information I already have.  I think I'd rather munge files.

> With forwarders you ask your ISPs nameserver for the information and it
> goes through the same steps on your behalf.

Not likely; it almost certainly has the information cached.  Which is the
whole point of using the ISP as a forwarder.  The first (and usually only)
thing I do when I dial in is pick up news and mail.  I doubt that even
Brightnet queries the root to get the address of its own news and mail

> You will accumulate more data in your own nameservers cache without
> forwarders...

How does using a forwarder interfere with caching?

> I can definitely say that it is better to have no forwarders than to
> forward to a nameserver which is not close to you on the net.

Which is one of the reason we want to be sure that the nameserver that we
are using (whether as a nameserver or a forwarder) belongs to the ISP we
are presently connected to.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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