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Re: ppp and new users

> John Lines writes:
> > For the dial up account case your ISPs name server probably has enough to
> > do serving all the Windows users, and will be in your cache anyway as a
> > candidate for being queried because you will almost certainly refer to
> > something related to it early on.
> How am I to refer to it if it isn't listed as a forwarder?  Got to get
> started somehow.  And If it is listed, how do I make sure that the current
> isp is at the top of the list?

The getting started is handled by the cache /var/named/named.root This tells
a nameserver where to send its first query (often to do a reverse lookup on 
your own IP address). The root nameserver will return the IP address of your
ISPs nameserver and tell your nameserver to ask there, which it will - and
then remember that nameserver in its set of known nameservers.

If you ask the the IP address of, say www.debian.org you will be given IP
address of a nameserver for the top level org domain, which will tell you the
IP address of the nameservers for the debian.org domain, and you will remember
to query them for www.debian.org, ftp.debian.org etc.

All the above is without a fowarders directive.

With forwarders you ask your ISPs nameserver for the information and it
goes through the same steps on your behalf.

Which method is best is complicated to work out, as it will depend on how
heavily loaded your ISPs name servers are, compared to how much of their
bandwidth to the rest of the net is used, and how much of your bandwidth
on your dialup line is used.

You will accumulate more data in your own nameservers cache without forwarders
but if you reboot between every connection (as with a laptop) then this may
not help you much.

I can definitely say that it is better to have no forwarders than to forward
to a nameserver which is not close to you on the net.

	John Lines

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