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Re: Request for help with X keyboard config

On Wed, Apr 01, 1998 at 09:16:19AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> The <Key>BackSpace bit seems to work, but <Key>Delete simply echoes a tilde
> when it is pressed (try it).

I have. Those lines came straight from my Xresources file.

> In tcsh, both ^H and ^? do a delete-previous-char, i.e., a destructive
> backspace.  The above delete sequence ("\033[3~") simply echoes a tilde.
> This behavior is consistent both in VC's and within xterms.

If it does that in VCs, then tcsh is broken.

> Bash is a more interesting story.  In a VC, ^H, ^?, and \033[3~ all perform
> a destructive backspace.  In an xterm, ^H does a destructive backspace, ^?
> does nothing but beep (not mapped?), and \033[3~ echoes a tilde, just as
> tcsh does.

Indeed. But set the terminfo for xterm correctly, and it will work fine.

I seem to remember this isn't part of xbase, but is in one of the ncurses
packages, right?

> There are behavioral inconsistencies in mutt and vim as well, depending on
> whether they're in an xterm or VC.  I *assume* that if we can get the
> shells playing nice, these apps will fall in line, as they're launched by a
> shell.

Nope, nothing to do with the shell particularly (apart from the broken-ness
of debian's default bash configuration---has this been fixed yet?)

> As a final data point, I'm testing these changes by adding the requisite
> lines to my ~/.Xresources, doing a xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources, and launcing
> a fresh xterm for testing.

That's correct.

> I'm not going to push anything into XFree86 until I can be reasonably sure
> it's going to work, and I've tested it myself.

Everything I've told you is correct. But it relies on other packages
co-operating. The problem with changing our keyboard policy in this way is
that all the packages have to be changed at the same time.

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