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Re: Intent to package TYA (JIT compiler for JDK)

On 1998/03/31, Stephen Zander wrote:
> JDK *will* be glibc!  Right now there are some problems related to
> Motif (& as I don't have a copy I'm having a hard time helping Chris
> track it down).  As soon as I find some more tuits I'm also going back
> to porting JDK to native threads.

OK, I did not want to imply JDK would be libc5, just that the jdk that's 
currently (supposed to be) in hamm is libc5-based.

What version of the JDK are you packaging for Debian?  Is it one of the
Steve Byrne ports?  Can you tell me where I can find it so I can test TYA
with it?

TYA 0.4 runs OK with Steve Byrne's jdk1.1.5v5-glibc-motif124.  I can't get
tya 0.5 to run with that version.  Apparently I am not the only one, I 
gather from the java-linux mailing list.

>     Ruud> So I suppose I should build both a libc5 version for the
>     Ruud> current jdk package, and a libc6 version for the new those
>     Ruud> people who have installed the new jdk themselves, and in
>     Ruud> anticipation of a debian package of it.
> If you do this now, it will have to go into Debian 2.1 (slink), so
> there's no point in doing a libc5 version.

OK, I will direct my efforts to packaging a glibc based version.


Ruud de Rooij

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