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Re: Realtionship between user accounts and man pages

"Noe' Franco" wrote:
  >While installing a database, Postgresql-6.3, I some how diconnected the man
  >pages from root's account. Now mind you all the other accounts have access
  >to man pages.
  > Yes, I know that the install should be done under its own account and it
  >was mostly.
  > So what can be done to reattach the man pages to the account of 'root'.
  >And is there any difference between that and reattaching to a regular user 

I did not, at first, understand what you meant, but I now think that you 
mean that when, as root, you type `man ...' you don't find anything.  Is
that correct?

If so, it suggests that MANPATH is set to something unexpected.  Type
`echo $MANPATH' to see what is in there.

Do you think that anything in the postgresql installation is responsible?
I can't, at the moment, think of anything that modifies MANPATH, particularly
not in the root account.

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