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Re: Splitting the distribution over several CDs


On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I propose that we move all extra packages from main into separate
> `extra' directories alongside main, contrib and non-free.
> Then you can make CD's that fit by taking
>   hamm/main/binary-{i386,all}
> and
>   hamm/{extra,contrib,non-free}/binary-{i386,all}

[ Please note that since we are not going to put non-free in CDs
  perhaps this discussion could be postponed until Debian 2.1 ].

I, for one, would dislike very much having to change CDs just to install
some popular packages like sendmail (and I'm sure this is not the only
example of popular package having extra priority).

Therefore, I have another proposal:

We create a new section "extra" (not to be confused with packages with
extra priority, alternate names welcome).

By definition: section "extra" is for packages that do not fit in the
first CD-ROM...

How will we decide which packages are in the "extra" section?
Well, we could throw there all packages having extra priority, but we
would have the problem with sendmail. We could make extra section as
close to current "extra" priority as we like, but they would not have to
be exactly the same.

I propose to make a survey among our users and let them decide about
which packages should go to the first CD and which ones to the second.
How does this sound?

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