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HAMM FREEZE (removed packages)

I've removed the following packages from Hamm because they still have
critical, grave, or important bugs registered against them.  To get them
back in the archive, simply upload a version to "frozen" that fixes _all_
of the open critical, grave, and important bugs registered against that

adjtimex		ircii			povray-lib
adpkg			isapnptools		python-base
amanda-common		ivtools-dev		python-doc
aout-xpm		java-cup		python-tk
apache-ssl		javalex			qps
arpd			jdk1.1-runtime		qt1g-dev
ascii			journal			quota
asp			kde*			raidtools
ax25utils		kmodplayer		remind
bitchx-lib		ksmbfs			rocks-n-diamonds
blt2			lapack-dev		scilabdoc
cfengine		lclint-doc		sftp
cflow			lee			sgrep
cgiemail		libc5-dev		shhmsg-dev
chinese-big5		libcgicg1		shhopt-dev
chord			libcompfaceg1		sliphangup
ckermit			libdb1-dev		smbfs
cqcam			libelf0-altdev		sniffit
cvs-pcl			libfcgi2		socks4-server
dfm			libg++27-altdev		spim
dhcp-relay-beta		libjpeg-dev		ssleay
dlltools		libmagick		stella
dmalloc1-dev		libnatali1		super
doc++			libp2c1			svgalibg1
doc-rfc			libpam0g-util		svgatextmode
dxpc			libpcap0		swig
e2compr			libpgtcl		tcpdump
ee			libshhmsg		tcpquota
elkdoc			libsrgpg1		the-doc
elvis			libtclobjc1		tkdesk
enscript		libwine0.0.97111	tm
epic4			logwrites		verse
ethiop			mdutils			vic-cqcam
expect5.24		mesag2-dev		vkeybd
explorer-icons-o	metrox			vold
f2c			mh-papers		wdb
felt-doc		mpg123			wordnet
file-rc			mush			wordnetbase
fmirror			netatalk		wordnetdoc
freelip			newsx			wvdial
ftape-2.0.30		nfsroot			wxwin-runtime
gcl-doc			nvi			wzip
giflib*			objpak1			xdelta-dev
giflib3g-dev		offix-editor		xephem-smotif
gimp-data-min		offix-files		xfntil2-nonfree
glut3-altdev		offix-trash		xinetd
gnat			pari			xinvaders
gnome-icons		paridoc			xlib6
gom-x			pgplot			xmayday
gopher-client		picon-*			xoj
groupkit		pj96n04			xpostitplus
gstep-base0		pj96n05			xsnow
gzilla			pj96n06			xsqlmenu
hylafax-server		pj96n07			xtar-smotif
ifgate			pj97n09			xtet42
ilu-examples		plan			yorick-dev
iproute			postgresql-doc		zircon

The source for these packages should be available under project/orphaned
on the ftp site.  A new upload should automatically remove the package
from the orphaned directory.

The following packages also have release-necessary bugs against them but
are too important to be removed.  The final release of Hamm will be delayed
if these packages still have critical, grave, or important bugs open.

ae		emacs20-el	menu		tetex-src
at		emacsen-common	passwd		wu-ftpd
bash		fvwm-common	perl-base	xbase
bind		gettyps		ppp-pam		xcontrib
boot-floppies	ldso		sysklogd	xlib6g
dpkg		libc6-dev	tetex-base	xserver-*
dump		libpaperg	tetex-dev
e2fsprogs	libreadlineg2	tetex-doc
emacs-el	login		tetex-extra

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