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Re: laggy lintian

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

> A few people have complained that I based my last Lintian bug
> reports on an outdated archive. The reason for this is very simple:
> Currently, I have to run lintian at home since it would produce a
> too high load on master.  I'm mirroring from the german ftp server
> (ftp.de.debian.org),

ftp.de.debian.org sucks IME, is there not a better German mirror?
kullervo currently uses ftp.de.debian.org too :(

> (Besides, the problems lintian discovered existed in most packages
> for _months_ (or even years) and lintian reported them a few weeks
> ago already. If you had uploaded the package 2-3 days earlier,
> lintian would have noticed it!)

| To: debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org 
| Subject: Uploaded gdbm 1.7.3-23 (source m68k i386 powerpc sparc) to master
| Mail-Copies-To: never
| From: James Troup <jjtroup@comp.brad.ac.uk>
| Date: 24 Feb 1998 12:03:28 +0000

And the bugs in the package before that were not my fault (that was my
first upload as the maintainer).  Blame the gratuitous filing of
already-fixed bugs on ftp.de.debian.org or whatever else excuse you
want but please don't abuse me for bugs that a) weren't my fault and
b) I fixed in as timely a fashion as I could.  Oh, and Lintian didn't
``discover'' them either, believe it or not people did notice bugs
B.L. (before Lintian).


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