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Re: sendmail future

Richard A Nelson <kenpocowboy@mindspring.com> writes:

> As the new maintainer of sendmail, I'm asking for your help in two
> places.  I doubt the interest level is high enough to warrent keeping
> this on the list, so replies here or private are welcomed.
>   1) future direction
>    I'm soliciting ideas you have for sendmail - no promises, except
>    to add the items to my current wishlist. 

I would like to have the check_* rules in the distribution. 

>   2) installation and customization

I agree partially to Yann Dirson but I would put in an F):

  F) providing access to local network
      1) pop3 or Imap
      2) no local network

Yann: I think forwarding mail to a local network is not what most of
the users will do. I think the scenario, that linux is used for inet
access (IP-forwarding, gatewaying, masquerading) by dialup and that
mail is stored on the linux server (fetched by Eudora, etc.) is much more
common than a local network with so much nodes, that you have to forward
the mail.  I think forwarding is a problem of setting up DNS and MX hosts.


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