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Re: Moonlight Creator

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> Vincent Renardias wrote:
> >
> > So, it's probably a good thing to package it! Any volunteer? (I might do
> > it if really noone else wants it, but I'm swamped so I'd appreciate if s/o
> > else is interested)
> All right, I downloaded the source and seem to have sucked myself into
> getting it packaged up. I will do that, and maintain it. If someone who
> knows something about 3d modeling or raytracing (I don't) _really_ wants
> to take it, please do. 

Joey, did you get it to compile? I'm thinking of maintaining it (I have
strong personal interest in the package) but first I want to get it
working. The problem is I know zip about C++ and this is 90% C++... it
chokes on ListFiles.h and it's a C++ problem I'm sure. I'll ask Stephan
what he uses to compile this, but I think he wrote gcc on the web

I've subscribed to the MLC list, and already said that there are Debian
developers thinking about packaging it. I'm waiting for Stephan to show up
(Miguel de Icaza is there, and he said a GTK port is feasible)

Iff I can get this working, and depending how huge it turns out to be
(it's 200K lines of code) I'll be happy to maintain it, but don't sign me
up yet, as I have to get sp working first.


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