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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         The hackers are the one who create Debian. It is their blood
>  and sweat and tears, if you will, that has produced this
>  distribution.
>         Now suddenly, seems to me we are disfranchised; and we are not
>  good enough to decide what becomes of my work. Some marketing experts
>  are being called in to decide what should be done with things we
>  create.

You expect from people to take us seriously, but you have unbelievable
low opinion of other professions. "Some marketing experts are being
called". I think that is direct and very, very, very low attack on
marketing profession. Try to take their point of view, and in the best
case they'll look at us as kids frightened for their toy, if they want
to keep their pride. And people do want that, no matter what their
profession is.

>         I have a few freinds over in the dark side, who work for
>  microsoft. Should I send feeler to them about whether they are
>  willing to lend the free software community their marketing
>  expertise?

Your self defense just turned on, and you are not acting constructive.
Please cool down, think about it. I wrote many technical newspaper
articles, but I didn't put single one heading on them. That certainly
doesn't mean that I wasn't the author.

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