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Orphaning packages: zoo and regex


As per $SUBJECT.

zoo's copyright fails #3 of the DFSG and I have zero desire to
maintain non-free software; also since I don't use TOS anymore, I find
myself almost never using zoo, which makes me a less than ideal
maintainer.  Once 2.10-5 is installed into the archives, it will be
bug free and lintian clean.

Both me and Karl compiled regex for libc6 without realizing that the
regex lib was already part of libc6; it took Ray to work out that we
were being clueless.  I don't really have any interest in maintaining
a solely libc5-compat package.  It's bug free, but not lintian clean
due to some sloppy packaging on my part.  My final upload of regex
this evening will fix that.

If anyone wants either of them, feel free...


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