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Re: ucspi-tcp-src (package to build ucspi-tcp from source)

On Mon, Mar 16, 1998 at 07:36:45PM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Philip Hands wrote:
> > [ ... ]
> > All source-only packages are in non-free, as a result of being source-only, so 
> > that would have to be:
> > 
> >   hamm/non-free/source-only

Cool...  Can we have dselect/diety build these for us?  :-)

I know, if I want it, write it, right?

But seriously, it would be nice to be able to automatically deal
with source-only packages.  It's annoying, for example, when I
update my Packages files and "qmail" goes to the top of dselect's
list as "obsolete."  I've sort-of solved this by using the http
method to load a list of local packages, but it's still work
to maintain.

When you think about it, those no-binary-package rules are silly.
If you're allowed to distribute the sources, and you're allowed to
distribute patches...  The end result is the same, except that you
make it slightly more complicated.


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