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Problems with the gmp libs

I just got bit by my own packaging when I tried to install gmp1 on my
system when it already has gmp2 installed. As they both replace, conflict
and provide gmp this fails because gmp2 provides gmp and gmp1 conflicts
with gmp.

The problem arises because of one package (python-mpz) that depends on
gmp. If Klee could see his way clear to rebuild python-mpz against either
gmp1 or gmp2 this would fix the problem.

In any case I feel compelled to remove the provides so that the purpose of
the two packages can be realized (they were rebuilt like this so that both
could coexist on a single system)

I can either break python-mpz or some kind person could provide an
alternative solution. Klee? Anybody?

Waiting is,

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