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Re: why ddd-?motif are gone from archive?

> Previously Alex Yukhimets wrote:
> > Does anyone has any idea why my ddd-?motif packages are gone from
> > hamm/contirb? Even bug #16103 against ddd-dmotif now has "maintainer
> > unknown". I didn't drop the packages and actually planning on releasing
> > new upstream version in the nearest future...
> Probably because there now is a ddd package which uses lesstif. No need
> to bother with the non-free motif anymore.
> Wichert.

Dear Wichert,

I am sure that it is not the reason to remove them from the archive.

As for the usability of lesstif versions, my impression is that it is
still not stable enough. But even if it is, there are still reasons for
the users to buy real Motif (like having other programs work, especially
those requiring Motif 2.0/2.1 - lesstif only tries to clone 1.2 features).
And for those users who bought Motif, I think, we should provide at least
-dmotif version of the package.


Alex Y.
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