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Re: ml.org's dynamic DNS

On 3 Mar 1998 bruce@va.debian.org wrote:

> >  - It doesn't solve all the problems.  The bugs are in the
> >  applications_, not the lack of a domain name.  Almost all ISP's
> >  provide you with a proper (though varying and not-so-pretty) domain
> >  name anyway -- it's just
> Can you solve the problem of keeping the envelope-from of your SMTP
> server the same over time without dynamic DNS? I could not think of
> how to do this.  It sounds to me as if some other system might get my
> mail bounces.

i solved this for a friend of mine recently, using uucp. i set up a uucp
feed for him (using sendmail) called cascade. then set up my dns records
so that the MX for cascade.taz.net.au pointed to my main mail server.

when he is connected, he runs uucp over tcp ("t" protocol) to fetch his
mail. he sends his outbound mail via his dialup link...if his ISP was a
problem, he could send his mail via the uucp link to me.

btw, he's in sydney. i'm in melbourne. about 1000kms apart....not that
distance matters on the internet :)

i recently changed my main upstream provider, and the new route between
my friend and me is doing something evil to uucp (port 540) connections
- blocked by packet filter firewall or something. my friend solved that
all by himself (i.e. before i even found out there was a problem) by
running uucp over ssh.....and he's no unix guru. he's an ex-mac user who
wanted to put his household on the net.

oh yeah. he's also got himself an ml.org dynamic address.
cascade.dyn.ml.org or something like that. one of these days i'll set
up the MX for cascade.taz.net.au to point to that as the primary mail
exchanger, and taz.net.au as the secondary....should make things run
smoother for him.


ps: uucp aint dead yet. it may be old, but it's far from obsolete..and
it's certainly a lot more flexible than multi-drop POP.

craig sanders

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