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ml.org's dynamic DNS

>  - dyn.ml.org is a flat name space.  It's not hierarchical.  If too many
>    users start trying to get these addresses, the entire structure will
>    collapse.  Their approach not a good technical solution to the problem.

Want to bring this up and see what they say? From my experience with
ampr.org, BIND will handle 50,000 entries on what is now a modest system.
Perhaps they are waiting for enough users to make more engineering necessary.
>  - It doesn't solve all the problems.  The bugs are in the applications_,
>    not the lack of a domain name.  Almost all ISP's provide you with a
>    proper (though varying and not-so-pretty) domain name anyway -- it's just

Can you solve the problem of keeping the envelope-from of your SMTP server
the same over time without dynamic DNS? I could not think of how to do this.
It sounds to me as if some other system might get my mail bounces.



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