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Taking over WindowMaker


	I intend to take over the maintainance of WindowMaker. I have got
a note from the current maintainer (Neil A. Rubin) telling me he doesn't
have enough free to dedicate to Debian. Maybe AfterStep should be listed
as orphaned?

Neil writes:

> I apologize for not replying to your last e-mail.  It has become clear
> to me that I no longer have the time to contribute to Debian for the
> time being.  If you are willing to take over, I think it would best if
> you became the offical WindowMaker maintainer. 

I'll upload WindowMaker 0.14.0-1 as soon as I can, and I'll close all the
bugs I have fixed in previous maintainer releases, except of course those
still present in the bo version, 0.6.3. Somebody wants to make
0.14.0-1.bo1 (or whatever the version is), I can't.


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