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Re: Preferred compiler?

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On Mon, Mar 02, 1998 at 11:45:12AM +0100, Brederlow wrote:
> I suggest that you use gcc 2.8.0 and egcs for testing only. See what
> warnings and errors they thzrow back at you. You might find some stuff 
> that wouldnt work on other architectures and systems that
> way. Sometime in the future Debian will sitch to another compiler, so
> being ready for it doesn't hurt. For release you should stay with the
> old gcc, since several important people (e.g. Linus) think that egcs
> and gcc 2.8.0 aren't stable enough yet.

Well, actually, I have been using egcs 1.0.1 for most of my packages except
lilypond which depends on the old libg++.  egcs is actually pretty good, at
least on i386.  Of course, none of my packages are critical, so that is
okay.  :-)  But for other developers with critical packages, or with
packages that depends on libg++, or developers for non-i386 architecture,
yes, stay with gcc 2.7.2 for now.  :-)

Just my 2 cents.  :-)


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