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man-db strange behaviour

Sorry Fabrizio, hallo developers,

I get this:

root@unsolved:~# man sane-mustek
Reformatting sane-mustek(5), please wait...
[man page displayed in less, where I type q(uit)]
Still saving the page, please wait...
root@unsolved:~# exit
unsolved [/home/jens] $ man sane-mustek
man: can't open /tmp/zman29072aaa: Bad file descriptor
No manual entry for sane-mustek
unsolved [/home/jens] $ su -
root@unsolved:~# man sane-mustek
No manual entry for sane-mustek

When I then run mandb -c I can get the man page back. 

As it works for root I thought it is a permission problem:
unsolved [/home/jens] $ ls -dl /tmp
drwxrwxrwt   4 root     root         1024 Mar  2 14:31 /tmp

stracing man as normal user is not possible:
unsolved [/home/jens] $ strace -oman.log /usr/bin/man ssh
strace: exec: Operation not permitted

I´m sorry, I can´t give any further information.

man-db is 2.3.10-62
groff  is 1.11a-2
libc6  is 2.0.7pre1-2
libdb2 is 2.3.16-3     



Jens.Ritter@weh.rwth-aachen.de   grimaldi@debian.org
Key ID: 2048/E451C639 Jens Ritter
Key fingerprint: 5F 3D 43 1E 24 1E CC 48  1E 05 93 3A A7 10 73 37 

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