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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

> Because as Deity (to paraphrase Bill Murry in "Groundhog Day") you can
> be "a god but not the God". :)

Very offensive to religious people of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Unitarian Universalist religious ceremonies sometimes begin with the
statement "Remember the Deity is always present, even when not invoked".
In their tradition, "The Deity" _must_ mean "God", because there is
only one. The most important sentence of Jewish liturgy is "The Lord
is One". Islam has an almost identical statement as its central dogma,
"I witness that Allah is God and there is no God but Allah".
Forgive me if I word this wrong, I think I have the sense correctly.

Consider how silly a lesser, but more familiar designation sounds:
it's not Emacs any longer, it's Saint Emacs!

I think most Polytheistic people would probably be bothered by admitting
a program to the rank of Deity, as well.



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