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On new names for "Deity"

"Deity" was a code-name, and was never intended to be used for the final
product. As I've mentioned previously, it has religeous connotations.

This is serious for some people. In New York, not the traditional hotbed
of religeon, I worked with a systems operator who would not chmod files
to 666 because it was the number of the beast, and a systems programmer
who would not let users have "godzilla" as a user name because it contained
the substring "god". Religeon makes some people crazy. Let's avoid use of
religeous names.

I like a few of the suggestions that have been presented. Alas, only a
few :-)

I think we should go with "Trove" for the package management portion of
our administration tool suite, and go on to other issues now. It's a unique
name, it doesn't sound like anything else, it arouses curiousity, and has the
advantage of not being an acronym. It accurately reflects the feeling we
want people to have about the free software collection that it accesses.

	Etymology: short for i[treasure trove]
	2) n, a valuable collection: TREASURE

So far, I haven't heard much suggestion that this is a horrible hateful name.
I think we spend way too much time on the names of things. I don't think we
need to continue to throw ideas into the hat and go on to an election about
them :-) .



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