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Re: sources to both contrib & main packages

On 24 Feb 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> 	Hmm, my reading of policy is  that packages refers to is .deb
>  Debian packages, not sources or the so called ``source packages'',
>  which are never mentioned in policy.

Huh? See section `2.4 Source packages'.

> 	We bundle upstream sources, diffs, and a .dcs file, but those
>  are not packages. 

I disagree. In my interpretation, the `.dsc, .diff.gz, .tar.gz' files
together are a `source package'. 

If the policy speaks of `packages', the rules apply to source _and_ binary

> ______________________________________________________________________
> 2.1.2. The main section
> -----------------------
>      Every package in "main" must comply with the DFSG (Debian Free
>      Software Guidelines).

This obviously applies to both, source and binary packages. (Note, that
the DFSG doesn't make a distinction between source and binary packages



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