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Re: Logo licence

>logo except of resizing it. Even the colors have to remain like they
>are. We will provide to Debian logos for wide usage, a black and white
>version and the color one, like the ones on the logo page.

can we also have a white on black logo (white penguin black
background) so then i can stop feeling bad about breaking the law by
having such an unauthorized beast on my web page. thank you.

also the red-white-blue colours kind of make me sick. why not add "usa
is #1" while we are at it? for the humour impaired gang, this last
paragraphs is meant to be to taken with a grain of salt, but i
couldn't help it now that i finally realized why our beautiful penguin
has such beautiful blue eyes. maybe we can change the colours on a per
country basis (the canadians go with a tiny red maple leaf instead of
the blue eye).


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