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Logo licence


I'm not aware of any discussions/actions regarding out license
regarding our new logo. Now that we have a logo we can't use it

I suppose the following easy to apply license:

Everyone can use the default Debian logo where and how he/she like. No
restrictions where it can show up. But it's not allowed to modify the
logo except of resizing it. Even the colors have to remain like they
are. We will provide to Debian logos for wide usage, a black and white
version and the color one, like the ones on the logo page.

I want to see our logo everywhere. Think of Mr. Bill sitting on a
toilet watching on Debian logos ;-)

Then we create some modified versions for the following purposes:

- powered by Debian

- Official CD-Set

- official Book

- runs with Debian

...  (namings can/should change)

and for the usage of these logos we say, you must do/have this or

This way we get fast a licence for out logo and can then decide what
other logos we want to have.

What do you thing?


Christian Leutloff, Aachen, Germany         leutloff@sundancer.oche.de  
      http://www.oche.de/~leutloff/         leutloff@debian.org      

            Debian GNU/Linux - http://www.de.debian.org/

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