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Re: New Package: camediaplay 980118-1 (source i386)

On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> Package: camediaplay
> Version: 980118-1
> Architecture: i386
> Depends: libc6
> Installed-Size: 42
> Maintainer: Christoph Lameter <chris@lameter.com>
> Description: Still Camera Digital Interface
>         - Olympus Camedia C-400L(D-200L)
>         - Olympus Camedia C-820L(D-320L)
>         - EPSON CP-100
>         - EPSON CP-500
>  .
>         Any camera with Sanyo firmware/CPU.
>         Olympus, Epson, Agfa and Sanyo digital cameras falls into this
>         category, reportedly.
>  .
>  But does not work with my camera! (Casio) Need a new maintainer.

I don't think it's good practise to introduce new packages if you know
from the beginning that you don't want to maintain this package
(especially without a discussion!). We already have too many orphaned
packages and we should not introduce `new orphans' in which noone is
intrested. This is not what our archive is for.

So unless someone else is willing to take over maintainership of this
package now, this package should be removed again from Incoming.



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