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Re: Virtual Packages

On 19 Feb 1998, Christian Leutloff wrote:

> Stephen Zander <srz@mckesson.com> writes:
> > AFAIK, there aren't many many differences in the JVM definition
> > between 1.0.2 & 1.1.x
> "only" the event handling changed radically -> all application that
> use the new mechanism will fail with the old one. And you should use
> the new event handling as it is much more convenient and powerful.

The event handling is done by the class libraries, not the virtual
machine. A number of other new features were in Java 1.1 (e.g. inner
classes), they don't require a new virtual machiine just a new compiler.

The only virtual machine changes between 1.0 and 1.1 were bugfixes and
security related changes. Java 1.0 and Java 1.1 programs will run happily
on the same virtual machine; they will probably require different class


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