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Re: lintian: usr-doc-symlink-without-dependency

On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, James A.Treacy wrote:

> > Ah, but I do have /usr/doc/svgalib1g -> svgalib, and similarly for the other
> > packages; it is my understanding that this complies with policy.
> > 
> > The problem is that lintian disagrees with my interpretation, which is why I
> > thought it might be worth discussing ...

Note, that this particular lintian check is in full compliance with my
interpretation of current policy. Of course, there may be bugs in
lintian--so if you are unsure, check out the policy manual.

> I discovered that lintian would also give this error the first time it
> was run on packages using a /usr/doc symlink. If rerun, it did not give the
> error.

Huh? Which version of lintian are you using? Can you reproduce the
problem? If you can with the lastest version (0.2.3), please send me the
output of `lintian -d <pkg>' for both runs.

I get here with lintian 0.2.3:

$ lintian \
[lots of messages snipped]
E: svgalibg1: no-copyright-file
$ lintian \
[lots of messages snipped]
E: svgalibg1: no-copyright-file

Indeed, the package just installs a directory usr/doc/svgalib, and no
symlinks in /usr/doc at all. To make the package compliant with current
policy, you should rename the directory to svgalibg1 (package name)
and--if you want--create a symbolic link svgalib -> svgalibg1. (Note, that
installing the symlink is only allowed because the package Conflicts with

If someone discovers bugs like the one reported above, please contact me
or send a bug report. The goal is not to make package `lintian compliant',
but `policy compliant'. Making changes to packages just to `satisfy
lintian' (as some mentioned in the changelog entries ;-) is nonsense. So
please tell me if you think your packages are correct and lintian has a
bug (or needs an override).



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