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digiinfo revised

Hi ya,

I recently announced the intent to work on digiinfo.
It is hamradio software to access a database which
contains node and mailbox information. This is
for packet radio.

I have contacted the author because of copyright problems,
the author advised me to wait with distributing digiinfo.
I am posting this on debian-devel so everybody knows...

Here is his reply:

I ask you to currently NOT put digiinfo into debian, not even into
non-free, for two reasons: 
1: It has some bugs in it that I am currently about fixing.
2: Itwill make the licensing problem more complex when I finally get 
out a GPL or BSD version. What I will do during the next week is getting a
complete record of the previous authors of digiinfo, starting at 
dc7os who made the ATARI port that I used as a base. I hope to be successful in
negotiating a GPL or other free license with them. Wish me luck.

That's it!



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